Become a Co-op Member!

Membership Benefits:

•  Assistance with repairing your bike during open shop.

•  Access to our members-only "Do It Yourself" shop hours.

•  Option of purchasing a project bike that you can fix up

   (with our help).

•  Discounted bicycle parts and accessories.

•  Right to vote in general elections and monthly meetings.

•  Invitation to Co-op member events.

•  Being part of a local Durham bike community!

Co-op membership is not tax-deductible since you receive goods and services with your membership. However, any additional donation beyond membership is tax-deductible, and we'll send you a tax receipt! Inviduals may also volunteer to earn a membership and bicycle.

A yearly membership is available for:

•  3 hrs volunteering at the shop, OR

•  $30

Project bikes are an additional:

•  1 hours of volunteering + $10 copay, OR

•  $20 donation (some project bikes have a higher cost)