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The Durham Bicycle Cooperative is an all volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) community bicycle project.

We believe bicycles have the power to make our local communities a better place through sound environmental practices, a commitment to sustainable economics and social equality, involvement and outreach with our local community, and promoting cycling as a healthy fitness and wellness activity.


To further that vision, we will:


Operate a Repair Facility

We will own or lease a physical location that will function as a bicycle repair facility for the benefit of our members and the general community.


Teach Bicycle Repair

We will teach hands-on repair skills, during both open shop hours and special clinics, in order to empower program participants to fix their own bicycles.

Our Mission


Recover and Redistribute Bicycles

We will solicit donations of unwanted bicycles. These bicycles will then be available at low cost or in exchange for volunteering.

Operate a Mobile Clinic

We will operate a mobile repair clinic that will be taken to different locations around the city and offer free bicycle repair.


Engage in Recycling and Reuse

Bikes and parts that are truly unusable will be separated out and taken for metal recycling to help keep items out of the landfill.


Host Bicycle Social Events

We will organize fundraisers and other bicycle-themed social events to expand cycling culture and encourage networking in our community.


Promote Fitness

We will raise awareness of cycling as a low-impact fitness activity. We will organize and promote our own and other local organizations’ bicycle rides.



We will collaborate with other non-profits and bike projects to help support our common vision.

Strive to Be Accessible and Inviting

We will strive to be economically accessible, open, and inviting to all members of the community.

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